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Opened in 2013, Hostel Bureau has become a favorite place in Zagreb, right in the center of Zagreb.

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What can Zagreb offer me?

  1. The Museum of Contemporary Art - a space that questions social engagement, responsibility and equal opportunities for everyone.
  2. Museum of Broken Relationships – exhibits interesting personal items and stories of emotional value.
  3. Nikola Tesla Technical Museum – exhibits original objects from the field of technology and provides a better understanding of the natural sciences.
  4. Museum of Illusions - provides a visual, sensory and educational experience through a fun trip to the world of illusion for all ages
  5. Klović's palaces - provides an overview of the historical cultural heritage, but also an insight into contemporary art
  6. Chocolate Museum Zagreb - provides education on the history of chocolate, allows you to try many types of chocolate in the unique space of a mystical rainforest, a luxurious baroque palace or the magical factory of Willy Wonka
  7. Hangover Museum - provides fun games involving drinking alcohol, simulations and challenges, and exhibits objects and stories that people woke up with after a drunken night
  8. Zagreb Museum of the 80s - gives an intriguing insight into the daily life of a Zagreb family 

One city, a thousand emotions. If you are planning a visit soon and want to explore interasting places in Zagreb, here are the top 5 locations that you will surely enjoy.

  1. Josip Jelačić Square - visit one of the main symbols of the city of Zagreb, just a 5-minute walk from our hostel
  2. Church of St. Mark - is one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb, it is recognizable by its intriguing multi-colored bell tower and roof, as well as its Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque elements.
  3. Park Zrinjevac - the most beautiful path in Zagreb paved with beautiful architecture, fountains and flowers for all lovers of romance and art.
  4. Dolac Market - the perfect place for all lovers of healthy, locally grown fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products, handcrafts and flowers.
  5. Croatian National Theater – a neo-baroque building that, with its lavish details, floral landscape and sophisticated performances, is considered one of the most beautiful decorations of the city.

Zagreb, a city that pulsates with sport life and offers oases of relaxation, is full of magical destinations that delight lovers of active vacations and peaceful enjoyment of nature.

  1. Park Maksimir – a unique touch of nature within the city that offers a multitude of sport and educational activities. The park is a combination of forests, meadows, lakes and streams, which also represent important habitats for various plants and animals.
  2. Botanical garden - this "open-air museum" opens its doors to all generations who want to learn about interesting plants, but also enjoy the colors, shapes and smells.
  3. Lake Jarun – a perfect place for recreation and rest. Lake Jarun is surrounded by 5 beaches, a bicycle path and promenade, restaurants and bars, spots sport activities and playgrounds.
  4. Park Bundek - another one of the many places in Zagreb that offers huge lawns and beaches where you can sunbathe, barbecue and be active on the paths or sand courts for handball and volleyball. The entrance to the lake is adapted for people with disabilities, and the lake itself is a habitat for numerous plants and animal species.
  5. Zoo - home to over 275 species of animals from all continents and is divided into a large number of outdoor enclosures, but also small thematic tropical houses, and several pavilions where various mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates have found their home.

Zagreb is not only rich in history and culture, but also a vibrant entertainment scene and unforgettable shopping experiences. In the heart of the Croatian metropolis, visitors can explore a diverse range of attractions for every taste, from dynamic squares and shopping centers to attractive nightclubs.

Recommendations for nightlife:

Address: Ilica 16
Bunker is located just few minutes from main square and has music for every genre and generation. On ground floor you can find nice bar if you don't want to party. Basement is made just for parties. On Thursdays you can enjoy with Latino music. Friday is party rock day and Saturdays are made for hip hop, trap and rap sounds. 

Autonomous Cultural Center MEDIKA
Address: Pierottijeva 11 
Medika is located just half an hour walk from our hostel and around 10 minutes with car or public transport. 
Medika is alternative place where you can find mosty electronic music (rock, techno, electro, trance, dub).
Medika has two small clubs: Surogat and Akc Attack and up the stairs is big alternative bar where you listen good music and enjoy trying tasty pizza. 

Rock and beer club Alcatraz 
Address: Ulica Ivana Tkalčića 15
Alcatraz is located few minutes from main square. Night club who has three floors, first two floors to chill with drinks and basement to improve dancing skills. Alcatraz is night club for every generation and every genre, from pop, dance, trap to rock music. In Alcatraz you can find good and cheap prices.


Center "Cvjetni" - a square located in the very center of Zagreb, best known for the cute little flower shops that are traditionally located there.

Ilica - Ilica is one of the oldest streets in the city of Zagreb. It is considered one of the most famous street and it is particularly notable for its long history. The combination of modern boutiques and shops  is the main reason of its popularity even today.

Arena center – The right place for all shopaholics. Arena Centar is the largest shopping oasis in Zagreb, offering a large selection of clothing and footwear stores. With its offer, it will satisfy even the most demanding customers.